The Athens Trail Project

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The goal of the Athens Trail Project is to create a local hiking trail that will loop around the City of Athens. The trail will, hopefully, be continuous for the full circumference. While all the trail will be passable for hikers, some may also be accessible to off-road wheelchairs and bicyclists, depending on the conditions of each section. The trail will be usable from multiple designated access points.


The trail will be an outdoor exercise facility readily accessible to Athens City residents and other area citizens. It will probably be used for exercise, for casual outings, for walking dogs, for youth-group events, for nature study, and for experiencing vistas of the City. The trail may become a feature attraction for the Ohio University Inn and some other local places of temporary residence, as well as being an attractive facility for University Courtyard and other permanent places of residence. The trail may also become popular for off-road runners and other exercisers as well as being a facility available for use by local organizations.

Construction and Maintenance

The Athens Trail will be constructed by volunteer labor. Maintenance will be by volunteers, and, hopefully, will include some in-kind services by Ohio University and the City of Athens. Ohio University, for instance, could provide maintenance activity simply by mowing the new trail-way on Radio Hill.

Contact for the Athens Trail Project

The coordinator of this project is:
John Knouse
PO Box 1196, Athens, OH 45701

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