Trails at Lake Hope State Park

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Zaleski Backpacking Trail

The Zaleski Backpacking Trail is located wholly within Zaleski State Forest, and is mostly in Vinton County with a small part in Athens County, Ohio. The trail connects with the trail system at Lake Hope. See Zaleski Trails for more information.

Bicycle-Accessible Trails

Little Sandy Trail
Length: 2 miles
Sidewinder Trail
Length: 3.2 miles
Cabin Ridge Connector
Copperhead Trail
Length: 7.2 miles
Wildcat Trail
Length: 1 mile
Bobcat Trail
Length: 2 miles
Habron Trail
Length: 1.1 mile
Hope Furnace Trail
Length: 3.2 miles; 5.1 kilometers
This is an older trail that loops around the north side of Lake Hope, from Hope Furnace
Red Oak Trail
Length: 0.5 mile; 0.8 kilometer