City of Athens
Trail Work Moratorium

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This moratorium was issued by Paula Moseley, Athens, Ohio, Service-Safety Director, at the request of Arts, Parks and Recreation Director Rich Campitelli, in the autumn of 2007. Because of this, we have not been able to perform any routine maintenance or new construction on trails on Athens City land since that time.

Effective immediately, all volunteer trail activity on city-owned land, including all parks, is prohibited until further notice.

All requests for volunteer efforts, including routine maintenance and trail designation, must be approved by Director Rich Campitelli in advance of any work on city land. We are planning on having a total assessment of our trail system, including proper maintenance and expansion in relation to best practices, within the coming months and will be formulating a plan for future trail maintenance. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and thank you for all your past efforts in assisting with the City's parks and trail system.

Paula Horan Moseley
Service-Safety Director
City of Athens