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Area Trailheads

  Find trailheads providing access to trails in our area, with maps and gps coordinates.

Athens Area Trail Plans

  Download copies of trail plans by Athens Trails for our area, available in text, Wordperfect, Microsoft Word, or Acrobat Adobe .pdf files.

List of Maps

  Link page for all maps on the site; maps are also linked from individual pages. Page includes trail maps, public lands maps, and other maps of interest.

Great Day Hikes

  Descriptions of great day hikes in the Athens area (go to trail maps link for maps).


  MAWE (Multigenerational Appalachian Woodland Explorers) is an informal organization that organizes monthly group hikes in our region.

Athens Trail

  The Athens Trail is a project being initiated to build a hiking trail around the City of Athens to improve trails access for area citizens and other hikers.

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

  The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is a 22-mile multi-use (human power only) paved path that extends from Holzer Clinic on East State Street in Athens to Rocky Boots in Nelsonville.

Athens-Belpre Rail-Trail

  The Athens-Belpre Rail-Trail is a new trail being developed in Washington and Athens Counties, Ohio, to connect Athens and Belpre. Most of the trail will be open for hikers, horses and bicycles. (This is an outlink).

Moonville Rail-Trail

  The Moonville Rail-Trail Project is making a multi-use trail on an old railroad grade in western Athens County (This is an outlink).

North Bend Rail Trail

  The North Bend Rail Trail is a 72-mile trail starting just east of Parkersburg, West Virginia and extending east across the state to Wolf Summit, just west of Clarksburg. It is open to hikers, horses and bicycles. There are plans to connect this to the Great Allegheny Passage (see the Power of 32 (These are outlinks).

Buckeye Trail

  The Buckeye Trail is a major hiking trail that loops around the entire state of Ohio, and passes through northern Athens County, where it is coincident with the North Country National Scenic Trail and the American Discovery Trail (This is an outlink).

North Country National Scenic Trail

  The North Country National Scenic Trail is a 4,000-mile trail that passes through northern tier states, from upstate New York to North Dakota. It is one of eight National Scenic Trails, and coincides with the Buckeye Trail in southern Ohio (This is an outlink).

American Discovery Trail

  The American Discovery Trail is a coast-to-coast trail that passes through central tier states, from the Delmarva Peninsula in Delaware to the coast of northern California, and coincides with the Buckeye Trail in southern Ohio (This is an outlink).

Strouds Run Area Trails

  Trails at Strouds Run State Park, Riddle State Nature Preserve, City of Athens preserve lands, and adjacent areas.

Other Area Trails

  Other area trails at state parks, state forests, and national forest.

Other Regional Trails

  Trails within reasonable driving distance, in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

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